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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

This section of the website showcases various maps of the Triangle Area Rural Planning Organization. For questions regarding available data and mapping products, contact Matt Day at

Interactive Maps

The following maps provide detailed information about specific topics of interest, including the ability to pan and zoom the maps and to click on features to learn additional information.

Regional Map of CTP Highway Plans Map of Prioritization 3.0 Project Scoring
Map of Current Projects in TARPO Region Map of Existing & Planned Bicycle/Pedestrian Facilities

Demographic Data Maps

A series of maps have been developed to show demographic data such as race, ethnicity, income, poverty, age, disability, and language spoken within the TARPO region. The data are derived from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey (ACS) data for the years 2008-2012, and are displayed at the census tract level. The maps have been grouped into four topic areas (links below), with each link opening a viewer with several map tabs (one tab for each data variable). You can click on individual tracts within each map to open a pop-up box with additional information.

Age & Disability Map

Income & Poverty Map
Race, Ethnicity & Language Map

Additional Race Data Map

Static PDF Maps

The following are static maps showing various transportation-related data. Click on the link to open a PDF file of the individual map.

Regional CTP Highway & Thoroughfare Plan Map, 2014 Regional Land Use Plan Maps, 2014 Central Area Parking Inventory, 2012 High Frequency Crash Locations, 2007-11

Average Daily Traffic Map and Volume-to-Capacity Map Transit Service Map, 2013 Commuter Pattern Data, 2006-08
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